5 Reasons why Roongta Green Leaf can be your next home.

front gate of Roongta Green Leaf

Owning a home is the ultimate dream for most Indian families, but when it comes to choosing the right place many people are confused due to the vast variety of options that are available in the current market. In the current market scenario, the consumers want a comprehensive all-in-one living space with a wide range of amenities, which is usually a far-fetched reality for a lot of developers.

At Roongta Green Leaf, we have made this fantasy come to life. We offer a variety of amenities that are never seen before in Surat. Let's take a look at some of the features that make Green Leaf the best 2BHK residency in Surat.


  1.    Proximity to the airport:

Green Leaf is only 6KM away from the Surat domestic airport. The ease of connectivity is very suitable for its residents. It is connected to the entire city with some of the best-built roads.

    2      Prime Location:

location of green leaf

Located in Vesu, Roongta Green Leaf boasts a very classy neighborhood surrounded by commercial buildings and other residential buildings. It is one of the best 2BHK flat in Vesu.

    3.       Gym:

photo of gym

Fitness is the key to a long life. At Green Leaf, you will have complete opportunity to work on your fitness with a fully equipped gym.

    4.       Rainwater harvesting:

Preserving what nature has given us is the only way we can make a difference in this world. Roongta Green Leaf uses rainwater harvesting technology to collect rainwater and makes it usable for various purposes around the campus.

    5.       Clubhouse:

Every residential place needs an area to socialize. The clubhouse plays the role of bringing people together. It acts as a place where people can come together and participate in various activities like snooker, ping pong, etc.

aerial view of building


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