Interior Design Tips for Sustainable living.

A home without décor is like a novel without words, blank and boring. With modern interior design is getting more avant-garde, we think that it is important now more than ever to focus on sustainable home designs. As one of the leading real estate developers in Surat, we think it is important for us to bring light to this topic and try to conserve the environment in every way possible.

Roongta developers have always kept sustainability and environment-friendly designs a top priority in their projects. Here are some eco-friendly tips for you to implement in your house and help the world in your own way.

·         Allow more pure light: Energy efficiency is a big part of a sustainable future. Make use of larger windows that allow light & breeze into the room, the light makes the atmosphere of the room a lot brighter and more welcoming.

·         Avoid plastic: This is probably the first step you want to take if you are thinking about adopting a sustainable interior. Avoid materials like plastic & PVC and use materials like wood, bamboo, or stone instead to make the room look cozy and warm.

·         Plantation: Plants have multiple benefits for your home, they filter the air and also give the home a very positive, natural & pleasant look.

·         Rainwater harvesting: Reusing rainwater is the best way to conserve the most precious resource that nature has given us. Rainwater can be used for many purposes around the house like irrigation, washing cars, etc.


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