Vastu Tips For Your New Home

Vastu Shastra, traditionally known as the Indian Science of Architecture, is 5000 years old. The literal translation of the term ‘Vastu Shastra’ is ‘science of construction’ and offers a detailed version of dos and don’ts for lands and constructed buildings. People often regard it as a manuscript for bringing positivity to the home environment, increasing earning potential, and ensuring good health for those who live there. 

vastu tips

As per traditional philosophy, every object in a house brings in energy, positive or negative, and the person living there dwells on that particular energy. If it leads to losses, failures in relation, bad monetary deals, and much more. And if positive it could bring happiness, enlightenment, and productivity. Hence, it is important to focus on key Vastu elements for healthy and happy homes. All projects by Roongta Developers keep vastu in mind while development.

Vastu Shastra is of paramount importance when building a structure either residential or commercial, here are a few tips & tricks for you to keep in mind when you’re looking for your next home or office!


  • Always keep the corners of the house bright as they are powerful sources of energy.
  • Lord Ganesha's idol facing towards the entrance of the house ensures optimistic results in life.
  • Avoid placing mirrors in front of the bed.
  • The center of the house should always be left empty or with very little furniture as it ensures the free flow of energy.
  • Make sure you sleep with your head towards the south for sound sleep.
  • The main entrance of the house should face North or Northeast direction. 
  • Kitchen: This is another most important aspect of our homes as the food we eat decides our health. According to Vaastu food should be cooked facing the east. The South-East corner is the best for a kitchen.


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