Introduction to Roongta Industrial Estate and CETP plant

Roongta Industrial estate logo

After making progress in leaps and bounds in the commercial and residential sectors of the real estate industry, Roongta group is now setting foot into the industrial sector. With its new project ‘Roongta Industrial Estate’ to bring growth, luxury, and accessibility to you. Roongta group has maintained its mission of sustainability & eco-friendly development in their new project with a top-of-the-line Common effluent treatment plant (CETP).

Common effluent treatment plants (CETPs) have been installed and are in operation at numerous industrial clusters throughout India. They serve to reduce effluent treatment costs, provide better collective treatment, and reduce land costs for small-scale industrial facilities that cannot afford individual treatment plants. Optimum working conditions for the treatment of effluent to be at par with discharge standards is a major mandate for any CETP. Roongta Industrial estate will be one of the few industrial estates in Gujarat to have a CETP plant. Along with this it also has an underground cable and drainage system to ensure the most efficient handling of water treatment and electricity supply without any interruption.

Roongta Industrial is also equipped with its own hospital and a fire station to take care of any emergencies that might occur on the premises. To make sure that there is no hindrance in mobility the internal roads are 60ft wide and the main roads are 100ft wide. It is also well connected to the national highway so you can effortlessly transport your goods in and out of the facility. We also have a business centre and a conference room for all your important business meetings.

It's not just all work at the Roongta industrial estate, we also took care of the recreation needs. With a unique shopping centre and a food court, you don’t need to worry about getting bored in your free time.


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